• Michael Le - TEDxNorthwich 2021

    Michael Le

    Confidence & Happiness Coach

    A Confidence and Happiness Coach, inspirational speaker and founder of Fundraise For Vietnam, a registered non-profit organisation. Michael is passionate about making a difference in the world we live in and making it a better place after we leave. Michael will ask the profound question of who are we really? as he shares his ideas on finding purpose.

  • Sharon Amesu - TEDxNorthwich

    Sharon Amesu

    Founder of a Leadership Development Consultancy

    Northwich-based Sharon Amesu is founder of a Leadership Development Consultancy and Branch Chair for the Institute of Directors. Sharon will discuss women and race in leadership and how more must be done in the name of gender and racial equality.

  • G Sabini-Roberts -TEDxNorthwich 2021

    G Sabini-Roberts

    Brand agency owner

    Brand agency owner and LGBTQ activist G Sabini-Roberts from Shropshire will discuss neurodiversity in business using their autism as an example, and shine a light on how different ways of thinking can be an asset to enterprise and entrepreneurship.  

  • Kate Carney - Founder Sip & Share

    Kate Carney

    Founder Sip & Share

    Kate is an award winning marketing consultant, the founder of YouinMind.org and sipandshare.co.uk. As an entrepreneur Kate helps new business owners start and strengthen their business. In 2016 Kate launched YouinMind.org a mental health platform in cheshire and in 2020 created what is now the UK’s #1 craft gin and spirits discount club.

  • Emi Howe - Speaker at TEDxNorthwich 2021

    Emi Howe

    Founder of BodEquality

    Chester-based Emi Howe, the creator of body image awareness business BodEquality, will share her personal story of how illness changed her relationship with her body. Author of "The Body Hoax".

  • Paul Raisbeck - Speaker at TEDxNorthwich 2021

    Paul Raisbeck

    Professional coach

    National business coach Paul Raisbeck from Middlewich will explore the idea that the world needs fewer experts, as he talks about the idea of generalist versus specialist in the modern world.

  • David Blackhurst - TEDxNorthwich 2021

    David Blackhurst

    Founder of Tiny Home Foundation

    David Blackhurst, the founder of not-for-profit social enterprise, the Tiny Home Foundation based in Northwich, Cheshire, will share his thoughts on escaping the tenancy treadmill and reducing hidden homelessness through the provision of genuinely affordable homes.