Catherine Sandland - Curation TEDxNorthwich

Catherine Sandland

Host & Speaker Coach

Catherine Sandland runs White Hart Training and has been helping leaders, managers, business owners, trainers and consultants with their presentation skills for more than 20 years. Now, her focus is on working with small firms and solo professionals and specifically, women in small businesses. She is helping them to stand up, speak up and stand out.  Catherine is the speaker coach for TEDxNorthwich and our compere on the night.

Catherine's greatest professional achievement

Delivering my own TEDx talk in 2017 was a highlight of my career. Doing what I do professionally ( help people to stand up, speak up and stand out), it made sense to deliver a TEDx Talk, but crafting my talk and standing on stage delivering it was much more than just good business sense. It helped me crystallize what was important to me and the reason I do what I do, as well as articulate that to others: when we have no voice, then we become invisible.  Having a voice ( a platform, the skills, the confidence, and the opportunity) means we have a means of influencing the change that happens around us.  It is empowering. Being able to use that experience to support the TEDx team in 2019 was the icing on the cake!

Catherine's quirky fact

It’s a hard one this!  I was Lady Ordinary for three years for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society in Liverpool (which meant I represented the chorus as opposed to the leading roles!) and I was also a dainty little fairy!

Catherine's TED Talk big idea

I want to talk about how people become invisible without a voice and how society has been developed in such a way that some parts of it are kept silent through design.

Catherine's favourite TED Talk

Why do ambitious women have flat heads?
Dame Stephanie Shirley

So many.  But I'm going to put the one I found most recently by Dame Stephanie Shirley -  Why do women have flat heads? She's not your typical speaker.  She is older than most, perches on a stool, has notes and is simply inspirational!