Denise Oswell - Autocue TEDxNorthwich

Denise Oswell


Denise Oswell is the managing director of Full Circle Presentations and is responsible for autocue at TEDxNorthwich 2020.  

Denise's greatest professional achievement

My greatest professional achievement was securing the JCB contract over 30 years ago and, to still have that business today as we support them throughout their 75th anniversary celebrations with our presentation services.    

Denise's quirky fact

I have a real passion for the traditional towns and villages of Spain and am re-visiting Spanish lessons in order to gain fluency.   I love the Spanish culture, the architecture, the cuisine, the scenery, the family ethos, the language and the weather’s not bad either!  

Denise's TED Talk big idea

The idea I would like to share is how to ‘overcome the fear and phobia of public speaking. It is a subject close to my heart, particularly as I was too shy to get on the stage in high school.  Being very self-conscious and lacking in confidence, I can personally empathise with many who are also challenged by this potential task.  My TEDx talk would share my journey and the techniques and tools I’ve used in order to overcome my fears.

Denise's favourite TED Talk

10 ways to have a better conversation
Celeste Headlee

10 ways to have a better conversation by Celeste Headlee because it’s appropriate to almost every living person.