Helen Strother - Public Relations TEDxNorthwich

Helen Strother

Public Relations

Helen Strother runs her own PR and content creation business Plume PR and has spent more than 20 years helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to build and sustain positive media profile.  Helen provides PR and social media support for TEDxNorthwich and is part of the speaker selection committee. 

Helen's greatest professional achievement

I think this has to be setting up my own business just over five years ago and building a roster of clients that I’m proud to work with.  Other professional highlights have included helping to increase voter turn-out in European Elections, winning CIPR young communicator of the year at the start of my career and securing a high profile TV opportunity that transformed a young chef’s fortunes.

Helen's quirky fact

I’m a creative soul and always have some sort of side project on the go – over the years it’s been wedding stationery, children’s birthday cakes and more recently hand-made lampshades and home interiors.  It seems I just can’t keep still and I love learning new creative skills. I’m also a complete Francophile and am always planning another trip en France!

Helen's TED Talk big idea

My big idea would centre on the importance of listening and expression.  I think people have forgotten the art of listening (perhaps the price we pay for being so focused on ‘broadcasting’ with social media) yet it is only by listening that we can truly connect and understand others and the world around us. 

Helen's favourite TED Talk

We don't "move on" from grief. We move forward with it
Nora McInerny

We don’t move from grief, we move forward with it, is a very powerful TED Talk by Nora McInerny. Thankfully I’ve not lost anyone close to me yet, but this video helps me to understand what those around me might be going through.