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Kim Griffiths

Admin, Finance & Volunteers

I think I was born tidy, a natural organizer and a bossy madam!  I was organizing dolls, dolls clothes, toys, board games, books and my brother and sister (when they’d let me!) from an early age.  I was also an avid reader - and still am. These “talents” extended into my life in general as I got older and so I live in a tidy home, run a tidy office and have a (mainly) tidy and organized mind!  So it was only natural that I should end up in a role that uses these skills in various ways.

I started out as a PA, then Executive Assistant and was fortunate to be made Director of various small property investment and development businesses; in charge of finance, budgeting, organizing international travel, conferences etc.  Sounds grander than it actually is and I have no delusions about my moderate career successes – mainly due to being in the right place at the right time. The most enjoyable element was being involved in the organization and delivery of two, week-long international conferences in London and Edinburgh – every 9 months in the planning. 

Every aspect of the week was covered, day and evening – choosing hotels, restaurants, menus, wines, speakers, arranging off-site visits, travel, entertainment, room gifts etc. Meeting attendees from all over the world, answering queries, resolving issues and finally coming in on budget, and getting excellent feedback.  The sense of achievement was exhilarating! 

Kim's quirky fact

One quirky fact about yourself – I learnt to sew at a very early age – I can knit and crochet too (although I haven’t done so in years) – so that by the age of 14 or so I was making most of my own clothes – I made a fully tailored woolen jacket from a Dior pattern at the age of 16, having mastered trousers, dresses, shorts, waistcoats, skirts, blouses, coats, even bikinis!.  I made my niece’s christening gown, bonnet and shoes and embroidered her name and date of birth in the underskirt.  I was later able to have my own daughter christened in it and added her name and date of birth to the underskirt.  Today my sewing is confined to taking up hems and occasionally making a blind or curtains.

Kim's TED Talk big idea

What 'big idea’ you would love to share with the world if you took to the TEDx stage. – The importance of reading – I love a good read, always have done, it helps us understand the world we live in, increases vocabulary and knowledge, enhances imagination and empathy, lowers stress levels, and aids sleep. One of the most rewarding things in life is reading with your child, reveling in their enjoyment of a story or the questions they ask and the way it challenges their thinking.

Kim's favourite TED Talk

“From Clutter to Clarity
Kerry Thomas

Maybe not my favourite but this one speaks to me  “From Clutter to Clarity”, by Kerry Thomas, delivered at TEDx Ashburn in 2017.