Robert Rhead - Web & Photography TEDxNorthwich

Robert Rhead

Web & Photography

After spending 22 years as a tree surgeon and arboricultural consultant, Robert retrained to become a digital creative focusing on graphic design, web design, photography and videography. He currently works at one of the high street’s biggest banks, helping them to design branches and products to provide the best customer experience. Robert is the official photographer for TEDxNorthwich and designed and manages the website.

Robert's greatest professional achievement

My best professional achievement is to be successful enough to gift some time to charities, providing them with the design and web solutions that would otherwise be unachievable for them.

Robert's quirky fact

I spent three years restoring a 1967 VW Canterbury Pitt camper van, one of only seven known to exist. During the restoration I taught myself to weld, panel beat, spray car paint and build engines. It ran perfectly for more than 20 years until I sold it for a newer, more comfortable (but less exciting) model.

Robert's TED Talk big idea

One of my most fundamental traits is to teach myself whatever I’ve needed or wanted to do. I needed to weld - I taught myself; I needed to design and code - I taught myself; I needed to create a video - I taught myself. That isn’t to say that everything was a success to start, indeed quite the opposite was true, but the inevitable failures weren’t just the unwanted side effects of learning but the very things that formed the future skill. My TED talk would be about the power of doing it yourself and the importance of the failure along the way.

Robert's favourite TED Talk

How a typeface helped launch Apollo
Douglas Thomas

How a typeface helped launch Apollo – Technology combined with typography, what else could a nerd like me need.