Is education broken?

Ashley Costello

Ashley Costello - TEDxNorthwich

Founder & Director of The Mighty Acorns and CEO of Mini Me Yoga

Talk year: 2019

Is education broken? “I am excited to share why education is broken to show there could be another way.” “I’m a mum of two and I like to combine science with spirituality - I also used to work for Cirque du Soleil!” As Founder of the Mighty Acorns, an organisation dedicated to empowering and inspiring young minds, Ashley brings her 18 years of counselling work with children and teens to provide a wide and growing range of courses, coaching and activities to help build confident, resilient and healthy young minds. She has witnessed first hand the steep rise in pressures to achieve in today's society along with the ever-increasing risks of social media on young minds. Teaching and building skills for resilience and good mental health is one of the most effective ways to not only combat these issues with immediacy but to also empower our children with such skills that will last a lifetime.