I’m not racist but…..

Tahira Hussain

Tahira Hussain

Director Goldmarktraining

Talk year: 2022

Tahira Hussain is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, keynote speaker, trainer and motivational wellbeing coach. She finds joy and sanctuary in her work and creative writing. With extensive experience, Tahira has a 25-year career in mental health, community development and the housing sector. She also has a successful track record in corporate consultancy and training.

Tahira draws inspiration from her life experiences, faith and personal values, raising awareness about stuff that matters in the world. When not travelling far and wide for work and pleasure, Tara can be found surrounded by friends, food and her family. Some of her favourite things are a cup of tea, good books and scented candles. She also has an interesting collection of teapots and Winnie the Pooh trinkets.

Title: Im not racist but ….