Apply to Speak

Apply to Speak

Are you a passionate communicator with an idea that needs to be heard? Do you want to inspire others with your thoughts on the topics you hold close to your heart? Can you bring about change simply through words and emotion?

If so, TEDxNorthwich would love to hear your ideas. 

We’re proud of being a platform for thoughts, views and solutions that inspire change. From the world’s most pressing issues to an array of unique, obscure and unfounded subjects, we want to hear what you’ve got. If your idea is selected to become the subject of a TEDxNorthwich talk, we’ll provide you with all the tools, guidance and support to help bring your talk to life during our event. 

We’ll help you out with individualised mentorship so you can refine your talk, helping you to develop your speaking skills not just for our event, but for life. Most important, however, is the platform to bring your knowledge, passion and expertise to both our local Northwich audience and the TEDx audience the world over. 

Submit your important ideas to TEDxNorthwich below and, before you know it, you could be sharing your perspectives with the world. 

Application form

Applications for TEDxNorthwich 2024 are open until Midnight on Friday 9th February 2024. Feel free to submit your application so we can add your details to the list of interested parties.

Speaker Nomination form

    Speaker details

    This section will collect the Speakers details for contact purposes

    TEDxNorthwich currently only accepts nominations from speakers living in the UK due to the Speaker program commitments. Please only apply if you, or the person you are nominating, live in the UK AND can meet the program dates for rehearsals.

    (Please select up to 3 options)

    An Idea Worth Sharing

    This part of the form is where you can tell us what the Idea is and why it is worth sharing on the TEDxNorthwich stage.

    What are we looking for? We are seeking innovative, locally rooted yet universally relevant ideas that challenge conventional thinking. These ideas should be defendable and offer a fresh perspective that TED may not have explored before.

    They should have the potential to alter perceptions across various domains, whether scientific, philosophical, cultural, community. We are looking for voices that haven’t been widely heard, capable of presenting their expertise in a new light. They should offer a perspective that might be unfamiliar to the global TED community and contribute diversity in demographics, ethnicity, background, or topic compared to other speakers. To help potential speakers identify their ideas, here are some guiding questions:

    • What controversy in your field can a general audience comprehend?

    • What common misconception would you like to dispel?

    • Why is this idea significant and for whom?

    • Who might disagree with your perspective, and why?

    • How have you implemented this idea in your own work?

    • What's the core concept behind your latest project, and how did you garner support from funders and collaborators?

    Who else is speaking on your topic right now?

    This will help us establish the context for your Idea.

    Video Submission

    We require you to submit a link to a YouTube/WeTransfer short video. Any application submitted without the video link cannot be considered. The video clip should be between two and five minutes long max. If your video is longer than 5 minutes, we will only listen to the first five minutes. Please refer to guidelines for more information. Check the video has uploaded and working before submitting the form. Any problems email the link to

    What's your Story?

    This will help us get an idea of you, as a person and as a speaker (if you have had the opportunity to speak).

    • We will evaluate your nomination and will share this information with staff members and third parties selected to review speaker nominations.

    • There is no deadline for nominating a speaker. If you've submitted a nomination, it will stay in our database to be considered for future conferences.

    • Due to volume, we are not able to respond personally to each suggestion, but someone from TEDx Northwich will be in touch if needed.

    • Your information will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy.

    • Please reach out to via email if you have any concerns with us managing your data.